July - This Month in the Cold War

July 3, 1976 - The raid on Entebbe airport in Uganda by an Israeli commando unit. An Air France airliner had been hijacked en-route from Tel Aviv to Paris when by pro-Palestinian guerrillas. Three hostages, seven hijackers and twenty Ugandan soldiers were killed during the operation. 103 hostages were rescued.

July 26, 1953 - The beginning of Fidel Castro's revolutionary "26th of July Movement." In 1959, Castro led a rebellion that drove out dictator Fulgencio Batista.

July 29, 1953 -  A US Air Force RB-50 was shot down by Soviet fighters 40 miles off the Siberian coast.   The Soviets claimed the aircraft had violated Soviet airspace and opened fire on Soviet fighters. This claim was rejected by the United States. One crew member survived, the remains of two were recovered, and thirteen remained unaccounted for.