The Ethiopian Intercept

My first full-length novel, The Ethiopian Intercept, the second book in the Secret Cold War Series, will be released on Amazon on June 11th. Kindle and paperback editions are available.

Let The Ethiopian Intercept transport you to the secret front line of the Cold War.

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Available Now at

Ross Brannan finally has his dream job, a civilian employee at the Army Electronic Proving Ground at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

1975: J. Andrew Marsden, the brains behind the Cochise Project, disappears with plans to a game changing air-defense concept. Ross makes a desperate attempt to stop him.

1978: Somali forces invade the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia. The Soviets support the Ethiopians as their principal ally in the Horn of Africa. A Cuban defector reveals the arrival of new air defense system.

The Pentagon wants to know: Is Marsden involved?

One man has the qualifications to find out, civilian ELINT analyst Ross Brannan. He reluctantly volunteers to fly a covert mission in the SR-71 spy plane over Ethiopia.

"I remembered the old axiom: bad decisions make good stories. I sensed I was about to find out."

Following a ditching into the Indian Ocean, Ross lands on Lamu Island and  finds himself the target of an intensive manhunt by Cuban operatives. He must rely on his instincts and training as he struggles to reach safety with critical data from his Ethiopian Intercept.

The Ethiopian Intercept is a story of Cold War Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) long hidden behind a curtain of secrecy. ELINT is intelligence derived from collecting, processing, and analyzing radar and guidance control systems.

If you like intrigue, suspense, exotic locations, and page turning thrills, you’ll love this fast-paced adventure that reveals the silent conflict waged in the shadows.

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