Nepal 1974

Nepal 1974

Welcome to my blog. Here I would like to examine some of the themes and locations that are included in my books, comment of current events, and talk about the process of writing. I hope to be informative and help readers to better understand the world as presented in my stories.

I spent three years in the Army at the bottom of the intelligence collection food-chain. As such, my perspective is not as an insider, rather that of a bottomsider. My protagonist, Ross Brannan and the Raven-One team, are involved in collecting raw intelligence and sending it up through the chain of command.

I do not write about the era in which I served in the Army, but I do include the decade of my overseas travels in Africa and South Asia in the 1970's. My undergraduate major was geography and travel in Africa and Southern Asia have provided settings for my stories.

My books are works of fiction interwoven into a timeline of real events. They include the Yom Kippur War of 1973, the Ogaden War of 1978, the Iranian Revolution, pre-invasion Afghanistan, and the Libyan incursion into Chad in 1980. The stories are fiction, but the context in which they are set is factual.

I strive to make my stories as realistic as possible, but they are not necessarily authentic. The military units and civilian agencies described are products of my imagination. Certain real institutions and intelligence agencies are mentioned, but the characters involved, depiction of the agencies' operations or sources/methods of collection/analysis presented should not be construed as factual. As for the locations, I have been to most of them and heavily researched the rest - Thank you, Google Earth.

I hope you will check back occasionally for new blog posts, and please sign up for info on my new releases.