Available on Amazon | Kindle & Paperback     Kindle AISN: B07C76KQ8C    Paperback IBSN: 1980601909

Available on Amazon | Kindle & Paperback

Kindle AISN: B07C76KQ8C

Paperback IBSN: 1980601909

From RG Ainslee, a debut thriller featuring Army Security Agency ELINT Analyst Ross Brannan as he becomes entangled in a web of deceit in the days before the Yom Kippur War. 

September 1973: ELINT Analyst Sergeant Ross Brannan thought he had it made, only three months to go on his enlistment. Fed up with the Army, the prospect of a civilian job in Arizona is the answer to his dreams. A puzzling assignment to an airbase in Turkey unravels his plans.

"…tensions building. Three months left, and they stick me right in middle of a tinderbox."

The mystery heightens when it appears an old CIA acquaintance is directing the operation. The mission: monitor Soviet naval activity in the Eastern Mediterranean. The web of intrigue expands when a notorious shadow warrior of the Cold War arrives on the scene.

"I couldn't fathom why he was at Incirlik. Must be bad news, whatever it is."

Undaunted, all Ross wants to do is run out the clock on his enlistment. The Egyptians and Syrians have other ideas. The Yom Kippur War erupts.

A spiral of external danger and internal intrigue puts him on a collision course with a rogue intelligence operative and entangles him in a treacherous scheme that threatens his future.

The Latakia Intercept is a story of Cold War Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) long hidden behind a curtain of secrecy. ELINT is intelligence derived from collecting, processing, and analyzing radar and guidance control systems.

If you like intrigue, suspense, exotic locations, and page turning thrills, you’ll love this fast-paced adventure that reveals the silent conflict waged in the shadows.

A novella (178 pages) | Book One - The Prequel to The Secret Cold War Series. 



transports you to the secret front line of the Cold War


In the James Bond movie, From Russia With Love, Tatiana Romanova enters the Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul. A tour guide, lecturing tourists, mentions the ancient columns taken from Aswan.

6 October 1973, I listened from afar to the same tour guide. He mentioned the columns and added, "That's where the Israelis…" I didn't catch the rest, but knew Aswan wasn't in Israel. Before long, I learned Egypt and Syria had attacked Israel. Ten days later, on the southern Turkish coast, the only sign of war was a submarine on the surface. In the following weeks, in Iran, I learned more about the Yom Kippur War that almost led to World War III.
A few years ago, I read the story of the Battle of Latakia and began to wonder: What if?

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

TURK Istanbul Agia Sophia Interior 1.jpg


reveals the silent conflict waged in the shadows

The Cold War lasted forty plus years, a time of tensions between two super-powers with the capacity to destroy each other and the world. Proxy wars were fought on many fronts. One front was invisible, a Secret Cold War: the signal intelligence war. Reliable and timely gathering of electronic intelligence (ELINT) was vital, a first line of defense.

Thomas Jefferson: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

The Latakia Intercept is a new addition to the tradition of military, espionage, and adventure novels loved by fans of Alistair MacLean, Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, and Tom Clancy.

The Latakia Intercept, a novella,  is a prequel and the first installment in the Secret Cold War Series.

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