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Ross Brannan is back in the third page-turning novel in the Secret Cold War Series.

December 1978: Rogue scientist J. Andrew Marsden escapes from prison in Mexico. NSA sends Ross to Nepal to interview a woman who may have worked with Marsden on his ground-breaking air defense concept. The trip was sold to Ross as a routine mission, in and out. But he knows he's Yoyo, like in you're-on-your-own. - What could go wrong?

She reveals the Russian's will start a new series of air defense rocket tests involving the Sary-Shagan test facilities. Operators at Site T-2, in the mountains of northern Iran, intercepted a signal from the facility last year. It was suspiciously like Marsden's work. Is he working for them again? One way to find out — send Ross and the Raven-1 team to Iran.

 One problem:  It's January 1979 and Iran is on the brink of revolution.

All hell breaks loose as the Iranian Revolution heats up. Ross and the Raven-One Team rush to the top-secret site on the Soviet border with Iran.  - Time is running out. - But things are about to get worse, the Soviets have learned of his mission, and will stop at nothing to hunt him down.

Join Ross and the Raven-One Team in a quest that takes them from the high Himalaya to the chaos of revolutionary Iran and the wilds of Afghanistan.

This fast-paced action thriller will have you burning through the pages as Ross races across Iran and Afghanistan to deliver the tape with his critical Iranian Intercept.

Packed with a cast of compelling characters and exotic settings, The Iranian Intercept will keep you guessing with unpredictable twists and turns. If you enjoy gripping thrillers loaded with suspense, action, and adventure, the Iranian Intercept is for you.

The Iranian Intercept is a new addition to the tradition of military, espionage, and adventure novels loved by fans of Alistair MacLean, Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, and Tom Clancy.The Secret Cold War Series carves out a compelling new niche among historical Thrillers: The secret world of electronic intelligence fused onto a gripping tale of high-stakes intrigue and suspense in treacherous exotic locations.

The Iranian Intercept is a story of Cold War Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) long hidden behind a curtain of secrecy. ELINT is intelligence derived from collecting, processing, and analyzing radar and guidance control systems.

A full length novel | Book Three in The Secret Cold War Series. 


transports you to the secret front line of the Cold War


November 1973, I arrived in Afghanistan a few weeks after the end of the Yom Kippur War. The country had been at peace for several decades, an unusually quiet period in its long history.

Nomads carried a variety of vintage weapons, but it was possible to camp safely in the countryside. Fortified mud walls in isolated villages and farms with were in disrepair. Word of the war had recently penetrated the public consciousness, yet people still wanted to go fight. Someone was at war with Muslims, and they wanted in on it.

Six years later, in Mexico City, I watched the news of the Soviet invasion on TV. My first thought: the Russians are going to have trouble big-time, these guys like to fight. The rest is history.




reveals the silent conflict waged in the shadows

The Cold War lasted forty plus years, a time of tensions between two super-powers with the capacity to destroy each other and the world. Proxy wars were fought on many fronts. One front was invisible, a Secret Cold War: the signal intelligence war. Reliable and timely gathering of electronic intelligence (ELINT) was vital, a first line of defense.

Thomas Jefferson: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

The Iranian Intercept is third installment in the Secret Cold War Series.