Zaire 1978

Zaire 1978


About RG Ainslee


The author served as a soldier on the front line of the Cold War. Trained as an ELINT Specialist, he worked at sites on the East German border for the Army Security Agency during the years following the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In 1973, he traveled overland from Europe to Kathmandu, passing through pre-revolutionary Iran and Afghanistan. The 1970's was the golden age of overland travel, a time when one could go in relative safety to exotic off-the-beaten-track destinations. Many of these countries soon became war zones and closed to most overland travelers. A month long, 125-mile trek, to the base of Mount Everest stimulated an interest in mountaineering and back-country adventures. He has trekked beyond 5,000 meters in Nepal, Kenya, and Mexico.

Four years later, he crossed the Sahara and rainforests of Central Africa on the way to Kenya. Along the way, he visited soon-to-be hot spots, such as Algeria, Niger, the Central African Republic, eastern Zaire (Now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), and Rwanda.

Following the four-month overland journey, he settled down in dollar a night hotel on Lamu Island, Kenya in search of a quiet restful haven. The Ogaden War between Somalia and Ethiopia was raging up the coast. In a moment of inspiration, he decided to write an action-adventure story of the Secret Cold War. That story became The Ethiopian Intercept.

He writes about the invisible war, often fought by proxy, long hidden behind a curtain of secrecy. The Secret Cold War series novels are set in Africa and Southern Asia, areas the author has traveled extensively. Some of the locations are included in his novels.