Follow the adventures of ELINT Analyst Ross Brannan and the Raven-One Team in the front line of the Secret Cold War - the war waged in the shadows - the Signals Intelligence War



1980: German terrorists move into Africa. A heart-stopping tale of action, adventure, and suspense. Ross Brannan is back and out for revenge – determined to hunt down the traitor, J. Andrew Marsden -- at any cost.  In an instant the operation is compromised, and Ross is on the run. The Sahara Intercept is filled with stunning double-crosses and twists of plot as this fast-paced story moves from the streets of Rome to the sands of the Sahara and, finally, to a final epic showdown on the Syrian border that will leave you breathless. 

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1979: Iran in chaos. When an Iranian technician reveals the existence of an unknown intercept tape, the Raven-One team is sent back to Tehran. But things are about to get worse, radicals take over the American embassy. A powerful enemy reemerges and seeks to stop the team in their tracks. Raven-One team operative Amadeo Ruiz is forced to navigate through the chaos and barely escapes capture. Follow him as he flees through northern Iran with an enigmatic Italian woman. Who does she really work for? The Caspian Intercept combines historical events, intrigue, and high adventure into a story that is almost impossible to put down. 



September 1973: Sergeant Ross Brannan, with only three months to go on his enlistment, is sent on a puzzling assignment to an airbase in Turkey. The mystery heightens when it appears an old CIA acquaintance is directing the operation. The mission: monitor Soviet naval activity in the Eastern Mediterranean. The web of intrigue expands when a notorious shadow warrior of the Cold War arrives on the scene. The Yom Kippur War erupts. A spiral of external danger and internal intrigue puts him on a collision course with a rogue intelligence operative and entangles him in a treacherous scheme that threatens his future.


1978: War in the Horn of Africa.  When the Soviets deploy a new air defense system in Ethiopia. NSA and the CIA turn to Ross Brannan in the hunt for a traitor.  A top-notch ELINT analyst, only Ross has the know-how to find the answer to a matter of urgent national security. A daring mission in the skies over Ethiopia. A critical discovery. Ross has to use more than his training to stay one step ahead of treacherous Cuban operatives bent on stopping him from delivering his Ethiopian Intercept. A nonstop thriller tapping into a hot mix of espionage, love, and betrayal.

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1978: Iran on the brink of revolution. Ross Brannan is back in the third page-turning novel in the Secret Cold War  Series. NSA sends Ross on a mission to a top secret site on the Soviet border with Iran. All hell breaks loose as the Iranian Revolution heats up.  But things are about to get worse, the Soviets have learned of his critical intercept, and will stop at nothing to hunt him down.

Full of action, death-defying escapes, heart-stopping scenes, and a cast of characters that you will not forget


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Follow the adventures of ELINT analyst Ross Brannan and the Raven-One team of the Special Signals Research Project, a joint venture combining NSA analytical capabilities with CIA and military assets. The unit's mission deals with situations where conventional ELINT collection methods are neither effective nor practical.

The Secret Cold War Series  tells the story of Cold War Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) long hidden behind a curtain of secrecy. ELINT is intelligence derived from collecting, processing, and analyzing radar and guidance control systems.

Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen of the security services manned the front line of the Cold War. Assigned to isolated foreign outposts, naval vessels, or flying along the Iron Curtain, they collected signals intelligence and gave an extra layer of early warning. All too many died by accident or enemy action. The first American combat death in Vietnam was a soldier of the Army Security Agency. The Secret Cold War series is dedicated to their memory.

Thomas Jefferson: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."